Amazing Facts and Trivia’s – From Kuya Kim Atienza

Amazing Facts and Trivia’s – From Kuya Kim Atienza

The most interesting Facts and Trivia’s from well known personality,a TV host, weather caster and an actor, no other than Kuya Kim Atienza.


- He is a Filipino TV host, currently hosting Matanglawin a nature and science environmental show. He is also a current co-host of noon show,showtime and other previous tv show.

- He is an actor, with special participation in the movie ” heres come the bride ( 2010)”.

- He is a weatherman, currently resident weatherman of ABS-CBN, and known for his line ” Ang buhay ay weather weather lang”

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These are the compilation of Facts and Trivias from Kuya Kim Atienza’s Facebook Fan Page. ( english version)

1. Typewriter is the Longest word that can be written with just one line of the keyboard or typewriter.

2. Everyday there are 10,000,000 individuals celebrating their birth-day.

3. Jupiter is the most massive and biggest planet in our solar system, more than twice as massive as all other planet combined. Amazing?

4. The first computer ever made was known as Z1, it was invented by Konrad Zuse on 1936, after 3 years they invented the Z2 the first computer that used electricity.

5. Rats can have sex 20 times a day,and they can give birth every four weeks, and produce 2,000 offspring a year. No wonder why, anywhere you can find them.

6. The oldest animal ever lived in the world for 405 years or 40 decades was named “ming” a sea shell. It was discovered by Dr. Alan Wanamaker on 2007.

7. The title holder of having the longest tounge in the world is Stephen Tylor of Italy. It measure 3.74 inches.

8. The longest verified flight of a domestic chicken is 13 seconds or 305.5 feet distance on ere.

9. During 50’s,60’s,70’s and 80’s century it was the time of black and white television and colored television was not yet invented. According to study, the person dreamed at night also black in white.

10. It is estimated that 40-70% of female homicide are committed by their lovers and spouses. 

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